richard muscat

husband, dad and, designer. cmo at also scuba diver, amateur pianist, and jack-of-all-trades.

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last updated: 11/05/2018 (remote) Logo

In May 2018 I joined as CMO.

automattic (remote)

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In March 2014 I joined Automattic, the company behind, Jetpack, and WooCommerce as Growth Lead. My main focus was leading a multi-disciplinary team focused on Jetpack marketing, growth, and partnerships.

red gate software (cambridge, uk)

Richard Muscat
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In August 2009 I joined Red Gate Software as a UX specialist working in the internal systems division where I introduced AB testing and led a redesign of our CRM and main web site (see before and after).

I later set up the UX team in Red Gate's largest business division (SQL Tools) and did the interaction design for some of the company's flagship products (SQL Compare, SQL Source Control and SQL Prompt). In 2011 I took on the role of Head of User Experience across the company working with the Head of Development to grow the size and impact of the UX team which now includes 15 designers and researchers.

In 2012 I ran a research group to investigate Customer Experience at Red Gate and later set up a "Web Experience Team" which worked on ecommerce optimisation and online self service. Magically this morphed into me working for the CIO as Programme Manager managing the project portfolio across BI, sales optimisation, web design, DevOps, ecommerce, internationalisation and SaaS products.

I've also been involved in driving and executing several business transformation projects and company-wide development and innovation initiatives including things like new product development, introducing an optimisation culture, 'growth hacking' and driving the company's adoption of cloud product development and business models.

smarter start

From mid-2008 to mid-2009 I did consulting work for various organisations both independently and with management consultant Malcolm Ross. Work ranged from running innovation workshops, product design for R&D labs through to ecommerce optimisation. Key projects included work for Orange Vallee in Paris, in Geneva, SimplyGadgets in London, Einspine and AlphaBriggs in Malta as well as the Malta French Chamber of Commerce.

uniblue (malta)

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Richard Muscat

I worked for 2 years at (2006-08) initially as the only web designer and eventually helping grow the creative team to 10 people. My work became almost exclusively focused on ecommerce optimisation where our team achieved significant successes in growing online revenue.

Over 2 years we ran hundreds of A/B and multivariate tests on Uniblue's high traffic web sites, landing pages, shopping carts, PPC ads and display ad campaigns. We repeatedly increased conversion rates significantly and created a system to instantly roll out high performing designs to all our sites and third-party pages. We also delved into in-product optimisation redesigning our key products to be both more user-focused and conversion oriented as well as optimising email campaigns significantly (delivery and conversion).


I've done a lot of hands on optimisation work, interaction design and web design work which I consistently fail to find the time to properly turn into an online portfolio. If you would like more detail please get in touch.


I enjoy writing although I rarely have enough time to do it properly or often. These are some of the more popular/well-received things I've written from the last couple of years.

public speaking

I've occasionally had the opportunity of presenting at, or facilitating, public events.


I have a BSc in computer science and MA in creativity & innovation. Both from the University of Malta, the latter run by the Edward de Bono Institute.

I've kept myself in the habit of learning and over the past couple of years I've put a lot of effort into learning about high performing teams, strategic planning and service design.