Howdy 👋 — I’m Richard. I am an experienced product, marketing, and commercial leader with a couple decades experience of building and managing high-performing products and teams under my belt.

I’ve mostly worked in the software industry including at some world-class organisations like Automattic and Redgate.

I’ve built teams and products, negotiated partnerships and large deals, nurtured communities, and scaled revenue. Since 2019 I have been learning in-depth about climate solutions and building professional networks in the space with a view to full-time contribution. 🙌

Commercial Experience

My core strengths are strategy, communication, and networking which I’ve used effectively to craft successful product/market roadmaps, pitch and close partnership deals, and create or scale revenue streams.

The list below covers some of the companies I’ve worked with in the past ten years:

Peacock Visual Arts
Pete the Copywriter
Redgate Software
Scopus Engineering
The Humanitarian Centre

Climate and Sustainability Work

In 2019 I began my (proper) education on climate solutions. I have skilled up my knowledge and networks in the critical areas of maritime, agriculture, impact investing, software, and most importantly, I think, climate justice, education, and empowerment.

🎙️ I interviewed thirty high-profile entrepreneurs in podcast form and participated in the inaugural RBS Climate Accelerator. In 2021 I joined Carbon 13‘s second cohort where I helped kick-start Aloft Shipping. I am now advising a few of the cohort’s startups on marketing and growth strategy.


If you’d like to get in touch the best way is via email. You can also find me on Twitter and on LinkedIn. Or call +44 7480 285 856 or +43 660 966 7697.