What’s The Fuss?

This blog is intended to be a coming-together-place of snippets, thoughts and ideas about entrepreneurship, creativity, and simplicity.

The main driving topic will be early-stage entrepreneurship, or in more conventional words, “start-ups”. The terminology is important however because I take ‘early-stage entrepreneurship’ to mean something slightly different from ‘start-up’. Or rather, slightly more focused.

Typically, a start-up is a business venture that is in the process of commencing operations based on a specific business idea/model. In other words, the entrepreneur and her team have come up with a business idea and are executing. ‘Early-stage’ however refers to the subset of start-ups within which there has not yet been made a significant commitment of resources to a specific idea/model. Both the idea and the organisation are still fairly ’embryonic’ at this point and can still be changed, moulded and refined much more easily that would be the case at a later stage.

Secondly, I use early-stage entrepreneurship and not early-stage start-ups to emphasise the innovation element. Every new venture is a start-up yet arguably not every one is necessarily entrepreneurial. I like to differentiate between ‘entrepreneur’ and ‘businessperson’, lightly defining the distinction as being that the former is being somewhat innovative while the latter is simply trading using tried-and-tested ways.

So early-stage entrepreneurship is all about the subset of new ventures that are in an innovative idea development phase.

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