What the Zude…

Scoble has written some pretty positive stuff about Zude today so I went over to check it out. Zude is supposed to help the peasants build websites – a la MySpace but better – and while the video interviews on Scoble’s site are pretty cool, this is what I got when I signed up to Zude and asked it to show me the default page with absolutely no customisation at all:


(The link to the actual page is here).

OK so I’m viewing it in Safari. On a Mac. But hey, this should be basic stuff or am I missing something?

1 thought on “What the Zude…”

  1. I’ve had a similar experience: I watched the Scoble videos and thought it all looked very cool, but trying to get a page together has been hard work (and I still can’t include some of the things I’d like to). Maybe a video of a first time user trying to drag and drop page elements would be more instructive!

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