TicketLeap: Ticketing made easy?

Guy Kawasaki reviews TicketLeap today, a new online service that democratises ticket (to paraphrase Guy). Having an interest in the company, Guy is obviously full of praise for these guys, however it went over to TicketLeap.com to check it out for myself and it’s most definitely an ace service. Here’s a quick run-down of what I found:

  1. Sign up is straightforward but they manage to muck it up slightly with the ZIP code section. It only accepts numbers (i.e. US format) but most countries have letters in the ZIP (e.g. UK). So I had to enter a fake one to sign up.
  2. Great guidance. Once you sign up successfully you get a simple-to-understand list of next steps and things to do without too much unnecessary jabber and marketing talk.
  3. Creating an event is also simple and takes about 4 minutes if you already know the venue, times and so on. A great feature is the possibility of adding a seating chart. Really cool stuff guys… but same problem with the ZIP code.
  4. Next you choose ticket options. Not too complicated but provides a good set of features, including limiting number of tickets and defining multiple ticket types (e.g. student, premium, etc). TicketLeap will charge a fee per ticket (that seems to be their business model) and you get to choose who pays it (you, the buyer, or an even split).
  5. Finally you get options to invite people (from Gmail, etc) and a bunch of useful stuff like custom website badges for direct purchase links and so on).
Overall it seems like a great service. Particularly in view of the fact that it does not require the event organiser to get involved in technicalities of merchant accounts, shopping carts and all that irritatingly complex stuff.
It will be interesting to see how it compares with Amiando, a similar service that I hope to find time to look at well in the coming days.

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