Leopard Review: When the eye-candy melted…

I’ve put off upgrading to Max OS X Leopard in the past but since buying a new MacBook around a month ago I’ve been prowling around the new Apple OS.

The redesigned Finder windows as well as the Fan/Grid views of Docked folders are definitely a great improvement and make organising and finding stuff on your Mac much easier. Ditto for the general look-and-feel of menus, windows and dialog boxes. Everything seems to have been very gently refined to give a sleeker and smoother experience.

However, as always, after the eye-candy melts, some hard-to-crack nuts begin showing up…

I love Apple mail. It kicks Entourage’s or Thunderbird’s ass from here to Glasgow (here being Aberdeen). But one thing is severely pissing off: notifications! Mail absolutely refuses to play a simple “ding” sound to let me know I’ve got new mail. I mean, come on guys. It’s not like you don’t know about it. Can it really be that hard to ship a simple fix for this…

What’s with the huge delay in replaying live video huh? What ever happened to the concept of real time that worked so well in Tiger? I fire up PhotoBooth to take a cool picture of myself (or to check my hairdo *blush*) and the hand movement I make to fix my stray locks delays by five seconds… resulting in undesirable hair patterns. Come on fellas, my rep is being negatively affected!

As slow as a snail on Prozac. Enough said. 

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