Air Bed and (maybe) Breakfast.

AirbedAndBreakfast is a new take on the finding-a-hotel-at-the-last-minute problem.

You’ll probably pay one fourth of the price of a hotel… money that can be well spent on other necessities such as wine and cheese. And it might just be that you have more fun staying with a local than in a lonely hotel room. Isn’t meeting people what traveling is all about after all? And, if you’re at a conference, it’s good to get in to ‘networking’ mode right from home!

The website is amazingly simple to use – whether you’re searching for a bed, or whether you’re posting your own advert.

On an entrepreneurship note, Airbed&Breakfast is a great lesson in what a business model should look like. They explain it to new subscribers in a simple diagram that says something like:

  1. Traveler pays us
  2. We take a small commission
  3. We pay you

If you can’t explain your business model in 3 simple steps like the above, you’re probably building yourself a house of cards. Unless you’re uber confident of your financial genius that is.

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