When you don’t have permission…

Intrusive MarketingVery early in the cold Aberdeen morning, some industrious gal or chap was busy scouring the Rosemount area and posting clumps of flyers promoting a new “Organic Deli” into people’s postboxes. The picture shows what I found.

Is this helping their chances of me taking the time to figure out where they are (no map) and going over there to give them money for littering my hallway?

Am I likely to recommend them? Am I likely to even remember them? (Unless it’s in a bad light that is.)

The next time you have to spend time and money promoting your new deli, why not offer half price on everything in your shop to a group of 20 people, provided that they get a friend along with them?

Or why not deliver a free bagel to offices in your area? Just to let them know you’re a nice guy, your food is good, and that you deliver!

Much better than dumping litter… and you don’t have to freeze to death doing it at 7am :-)

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