Mobile Broadband from 3

So, apart from all this and this, 3’s mobile broadband service has just taken a new low turn.

Since Saturday afternoon, that is almost 6 days, the mobile broadband service from 3 just hasn’t worked at all. I don’t mean a slow or flaky connection. I mean just no connection at all.

Conversations with friends and other 3 customers also make it clear that even regular GSM coverage is terrible not only in Aberdeen but also in London.

Anyway, you’ve been warned. Pick O2, they seem to have a much better network and service.

3 thoughts on “Mobile Broadband from 3”

  1. I’m on a 3 mobile dongle in Birmingham, and haven’t had any major problems. A couple of dropped connections every now and then, although that could be because my USB slots are a bit loose, but apart from that, nothing to report. Sorry to hear you’re having problems.

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