Safari 4 Beta – Review

button-downloadsafari-20090217Just downloaded and tried out the new Safari 4 beta which Apple launched a some time ago.

I’ve only used it for a few hours so this is hardly an in-depth review, but here’s a quick run of first impressions:

The Good…

  • The look is, as expected, slick, cool and feels good to use in the traditional Apple way
  • It’s impressively fast. Both in starting itself up as well as loading web pages it trashes Firefox hands down. Although I’ve not timed anything it feels like it’s one fourth faster at everything.
  • It seems to conform to web standards. Websites look good with now IE-style quirks in how fonts and HTML is rendered.
  • The bookmarks organization is much nicer than the old version. Folders and items are organized in an iTunes-like fashion… complete with cover-flow
  • For a Beta, it’s surprisingly error-free and immediately¬† comes with a Mac + PC version.

The Bad…

  • Google Gears doesn’t seem to work on Safari 4. Of course, it’s just a beta.
  • Most of the “cool new features” are clearly just copied word-for-word from Google Chrome such as tabbed-browsing in the header and a “top sites” pages. However, kudos to Safari because Chrome hasn’t even launched for Mac yet!

Do you like Safari 4?

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