Piping Statuses Around: My top 3 online social media tools

Traffic grew quite a bit over the past few months
Traffic grew quite a bit over the past few months

Over the past 8 months I’ve been dedicating more time to developing my online social networks in meaningful. I’m quite satisfied with the results: traffic on my blog is up and growing steadily, Twitter follows are at an interesting conversational level and my LinkedIn groups have around 400 people in total.

Lately though I realised that I’ve been spending more time than I’d like to updating and interacting with the various services I’m now subscribed to and use regularly. These include LinkedIn, Plaxo Pulse, Twitter, Facebook, my blog, Tumblr, Delicious and Seesmic.

So today I decided to dedicate a couple hours to streamlining and cleaning up the process I use to update the various services. There’s a whole bunch of tools out there which until now I hadn’t paid much attention to (I didn’t need them). My favourites are the following three online tools:

  1. Ping.fm
    I’ve known about ping.fm for a while now but only got around to configure properly it today. And I love it. It was disarmingly simple to use and setup and now I can update the IM Status and/or microblog to a whole host of service from one webpage.

  2. Delicious Auto Link Post (or something like that)
    The second useful tool is one by Delicious which you can now setup to post to your blog a summary of your daily links. I find this useful for two reason. First it helps me share what I bookmark with my blog readers, such as they are. Secondly, I’ve begun using it as a ‘reminder’ system for things I’d like to write about. IOW, the daily automatic posts to my blog serve me a summary of what I found interesting today and motivate me to write a fully-fledged blog post about one of them.
  3. TwitterFeed
    The final tool is TwitterFeed which, despite its name, doesn’t just feed stuff to Twitter. It can also feed stuff towards, among other things, my ping.fm account. Aha! So it’s now setup to publish this blog’s RSS feed to my ping.fm account which, in turn, will pipe that feed onwards and update my various statuses. Neat.

So all this is cool and there’s a ton more services out there (though these are by far my favourites). However, I wouldn’t be me if I already, after a few hours of using them, have suggstions of things I would like. And here they are:

  1. Customising the Delicious Tool
    I would love to able to customise the blog post titles that Delicious posts to my blog. “links for [dd-mm-yyyy]” isn’t a very lovely format.
  2. I would like this for Ping.fm
    I would like this for Ping.fm

    Ping.fm Desktop Client
    What I would really really really love is a teeny tiny desktop app that sits in my status bar and allows me to post status updates to my ping.fm account. Something like what Logbook from Transmission apps does for Backpack (photo on the right).

    This, I think, would truly be the bee’s knees. And if there’s anything out there like this already I would love to know about it.

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