Not Quite Obama

Although advertising may be in decline online adverts can still be, and are, pretty effective at generating traffic. When done well. And by done well you don’t have to have Obama’s team… just somebody who’s in touch with online reality.

Not quite Obama
Not quite Obama

This advert showed up on my Facebook account and I couldn’t help grimacing. From where I stand, “2bfrank4u” is hardly a “Facebook-generation” advert — particularly since it links to a Facbook App not a website! Mr Portelli might be well-advised to seek some professional web help for his campaign and come up with something better (like these guys).

Particularly since a Google search for “Frank Portelli” doesn’t even return his website. Arnold Cassola should also wake up if he wants a fighting chance this time too.

Being behind the times, as Malta is often accused of, is one thing. Being blind to how stuff works is another.

Good luck to all candidates anyway!

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