Blogging is Dead. WordPress is Dead. Technology is Dead.

Is “Advertising Dead“? Robert Scoble and Guy Kawasaki seem to think so. Michael Arrington thinks that RSS is dead and one of his guest authors thinks that comments are dead. ‘Traditional media’ is also dead (it seems to have died twice in fact) and in case you haven’t heard, Facebook is also dead.

What is it about entrepreneurs and tech enthusiasts that just makes them drool at the thought of somebody else, ideally someone successful, failing miserably and dying. It could be the “Male Killer Gene” that Guy Kawasaki often rants about (but then ignores). More likely, it is simply link bait, which is a sad thing for the A-list tech bloggers to have to do because it’s just the first step to becoming Rupert Murdoch lookalikes.

Of course, they’ll be rich by then so perhaps that’s the plan. Anyway, blogging, wordpress and technology are not dead… I just wanted to see how many people click.

Update: See the results!

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6 thoughts on “Blogging is Dead. WordPress is Dead. Technology is Dead.”

  1. It’s just lazy journalism. Come up with a shocking title first, pronouncing the imminent demise of some technology or business, then write an article to argue your case using selective interpretation of the facts.

  2. You say blogging is dead, yet you say so via a blog. Seems to completely disprove your statement just by reading the title.

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