The most badly designed page in the world?

This is Facebook’s “transition” page for the new privacy settings they’re currently rolling out. I can’t for the life of me make heads or tail of it. I nominate it as the most badly designed web page in the history of usability, user experience and information architecture.

What are my “Old Settings”? (There’s no way of finding out.)

Why can I switch some things to “everyone”, some things to “friends of friends” and some things to “friends”? What if I want photos to be available to everyone or just my friends?

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2 thoughts on “The most badly designed page in the world?”

  1. Although I agree it was pretty terrible. There was a hover-over on the ‘old settings’ radio button that told you what the old setting was. Obviously not very discoverable then!

    1. Hmmm… but why would I hover over a radio button that’s already selected?

      And even when it’s not selected (the last three items), radio buttons aren’t controls you typically hover over. In any case, by the time I got to the last three I was already pretty confused :-)

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