UX Cambridge 2011 workshop

The UX team at Red Gate will be attending UX Cambridge 2011 next month. We’re very excited to have a fully-fledged UX conference in our own backyard finally. So much so that two of us are running sessions at the event.

My workshop, together with Chris and Helen, will be tackling how UX and Agile can work better together.

After some back and forth we came up with (what we think is) a pretty cool approach for this topic. That is, since we’re talking about Agile, why not run the session as a typical Agile retrospective?

Retrospectives are those meetings Agile teams have at the end of a sprint to review the past sprint and plan out ways – ‘experiments’- for improving the next one.

The only difference for our workshop is that the retrospective will be looking at the last 10 years or so of Agile + UX development rather than a wee two-week sprint!

Read the full post here…

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