My coolest #BOS2011 takeaway: “stattys”

Alex Osterwalder spoke to us about business model generation at Business of Software last week. We also got a complimentary copy of his book in the swag bag which I’d definitely recommend getting a copy of.

During his session he gave us some practical work to do in pairs and for doing so he distributed a small pack of “stattys” to each of us.

They are absolutely awesome!

They’re basically post-it notes that, instead of having a tiny adhesive strip along the top, attach themselves to a surface by some form of static electricity magic. You get 2 great advantages: 1) you dont get that irritating curly effect when peeling them off the pack and, 2) you can slide them around a surface easily with your finger.

Love ’em.

Partly because they’re awesome and mostly because they show innovations are available to all of us even in the most ‘established’ products.

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