How to build a great agile team

Six great things to consider and keep in mind when building an agile team.

Leading Agile Teams

The group of talented engineers I currently lead have formed into a great team over the last year. Recently, I’ve been considering what I thought that was down to (as it would be quite useful to know!). Was it simply the somewhat fortunate mix of personalities who were allocated to the project? Was it blind luck? I didn’t think so, and after some deliberation here’s what I’ve distilled my thoughts down to: The six things a team leader should do to build a great agile team…

Six things a team leader should do to build a great agile team

1. Gather the right people

This will seem trite, but the single most important factor in building a great agile team is to gather the right people. Thrusting a random selection of “resources” together is almost certain to fail.

When carefully assembling this group of people, it is not enough to…

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