Turning experts into beginners

That’s what happens when a redesign of something is done for the sake of a redesign without real user value being created or user problems being solved.

That seems to be what has happened at Optimizely today with the launch of their new “Homepage” – i.e. the page that lists all your running or paused experiments.

There’s nothing wrong with the page as such. They haven’t dramatically broken any functionality, changed key task flows, or hidden anything is such a way that’s left me scratching my head for the past hour.

On the other hand, nothing is better. The UI looks the same, it feels the same, and its neither faster nor slower. There are just fair few things in different places.

So all that happened this morning is that I spent half an hour floundering around the new UI trying to figure out things I thought I knew taking me back to “beginner” mode without any of the joy associated with figuring out a new tool for the first time.

Rant over.

1 thought on “Turning experts into beginners”

  1. It’s so funny how this happens across different fields…the software system at the hospital was changed for no good reason and all the experienced nurses over fifty find themselves turning to the twenty-year-old novices who are a little more tech savvy…it was frustrating all around, except for the novices who probably thought ‘oh thank god, we are good at SOMETHING.’

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