My Climate Conversation with Bridget Harris

tl;dr: click here to listen to the episode

Bridget Harris is the CEO of YouCanBookMe, a small, remote software company that produces scheduling software. I met Bridget for the first (and well only) time at a conference dinner in Dublin almost two years ago.

When I began making a list of potential guests for my podcast I immediately included her because she ticked all the boxes I was looking for: senior leader, comfortable speaking publicly, SaaS company, values seemingly aligned with mine, outspoken. (I say “seemingly” just because I didn’t know her that well.)

As it turns out, not only was I right, I got a big bonus into the bargain. Prior to her career as an entrepreneur Bridget was a senior politician in the UK government. She was for a while one of the senior advisors to then-deputy Prime Minister Nick Clegg. And as a result she has a pretty unique perspective (from our industry’s point of view) on the whole climate emergency problem.

I hope you enjoy listening to our conversation. Here’s the link again and, if you want more, please consider subscribing to the mailing list.

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