Why I won’t be watching the new Attenborough film on Netflix

I won’t be watching Attenborough’s A Life On Our Planet any time soon.

Not because I disagree with it or it’s premise. Neither is it because I dislike David Attenborough — on the contrary, I love him and what he stands for.

But I don’t need to watch it.

Our environment is, to use the technical term, fucked. I know that. If you know that then film is also not for you. You should instead spend the time taking action.

If you’re not motivated yet then by all means watch the film. I have zero doubts it’s great (in an upside down kind of way).

But if you’re already on board find something to do. Here are a few ideas:

  1. Join your local climate action group
  2. If there isn’t one, start a local climate action group
  3. Read the Project Drawdown website for specific ideas on what to do
  4. Write to your MP expressing your concern about climate change
  5. But a second hand bike
  6. Use the bike
  7. Stop shopping at Tesco, Asda, and other big supermarket chains
  8. Stop buying stuff from Amazon, especially if you don’t need it.
  9. Donate money or time to a climate action charity
  10. Research clean energy providers and switch to one

What am I doing?

I’ll write more about that soon but you can check out my podcast on the topic in the meantime at FatalError.blog

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