Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship: Travel scholarship to WordCamp US

The WordPress Foundation recently announced the launch of the Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship. Kim, a contributor to the WordPress project who recently passed away, was passionate about WordPress and particularly about involving women - and older women - in tech. The scholarship will cover attendance, travel and lodging expenses for attending WordCamp US (to be held for… Continue reading Kim Parsell Memorial Scholarship: Travel scholarship to WordCamp US

Charlatan, Martyr, Hustler.

Yesterday Matt mentioned this poster by Joey Roth in conversation about how to strike a balance between getting things done and designing the "perfect" product or experience. I love posters like these where graphic designers are able to convey with just a few (21!) simple lines a relatively complicated thing to explain in words. More importantly… Continue reading Charlatan, Martyr, Hustler.

Why good people do bad things and how they convince others to help them

A colleague today shared this NPR programme about Toby Groves - a man who committed large scale fraud - and how new research into fraud shows that a lot of fraud is unintentional. Traditionally, when we think about bad behavior, we think about character. But psychologists who study bad behavior — who study, say, fraud… Continue reading Why good people do bad things and how they convince others to help them

Apple Watch Survey Results

Fred Wilson has been doing an interesting bit of research with his readers about Apple Watch usage and uptake. It's a niche audience but an in important early adopter one that read his blog so the survey results carry some interesting weight. The full results from the 2nd survey are here but the spoiler alert… Continue reading Apple Watch Survey Results

A Quirky Tale: How a startup did everything “right” but got it all wrong.

This Pando article about Quirky (link valid for 48 hrs unless you're a paid member) is well worth a read. I've not paid attention to Quirky save for thinking it was a cool concept when I came across it a few years ago. Despite perfect timing, great funding, and a strong vision its now sadly… Continue reading A Quirky Tale: How a startup did everything “right” but got it all wrong.

(Another) 200 Dead

Another shipwreck off Libya leaves around 200 dead. The most tragic and gut wrenching part of this latest event is this: The boat is believed to have capsized after migrants rushed to one side of the ship as mobile units from the Irish rescue carrier approached it. What panic and despair there must have been on that boat to… Continue reading (Another) 200 Dead

A Responsible “iGaming” Company…

A responsible "iGaming" company is one that chooses to not be in business. What is permissible is not always honourable – Cicero It is impossible to live in Malta if you're involved in the software industry and not constantly run into the online betting or gaming companies – or people who work for them. A rough estimate… Continue reading A Responsible “iGaming” Company…