Tech is still remarkably sexist. On second thoughts maybe this is not so surprising because the world is still remarkably sexist. It's still pretty common to come across men who are "surprised" that women can code. A lot of them are also surprised that they can code well. I've been lucky to have studied and… Continue reading #ILookLikeAnEngineer

Follow-up “right the fuck now”

Yesterday I tuned in to the Business of Software hangout with Steli Efti of who spoke about sales in startups. I hadn't really come across his stuff before so after it was done I checked out his blog and really like his post about making sure you follow-up on leads "right the fuck now"… Continue reading Follow-up “right the fuck now”

Brains, boobs and no balls: Banning Facebook doesn’t solve anything.

The Independent reports today that following ETC CEO Philip Rizzo's blatantly sexist comments on Facebook directed at one of his managers he has banned Facebook use "for senior management". The reason apparently is that according to Minister Bartolo: he is not a sexist person and that he respects his colleagues and, in fact, I think… Continue reading Brains, boobs and no balls: Banning Facebook doesn’t solve anything.

My Daughter Asleep, by David Whyte

A touching poem by David Whyte that a mere seven months ago would have been unremarkable to me yesterday left me speechless. Carrying a child, I carry a bundle of sleeping future appearances. I carry my daughter adrift on my shoulder, dreaming her slender dreams and I carry her beneath the window, watching her moon lit palm… Continue reading My Daughter Asleep, by David Whyte

To My Girlfriends: How to be an Independent Woman in a Relationship

A great post by Sara on financial and emotional independence. Aimed at women in “traditional” relationships but I think also applies generally to anyone in any relationship.

If you’re happy and confident in yourself you’ll make a better partner.

When I Have Time by Sara Rosso

How to Be an Independent Woman in a Relationship - When I Have Time by Sara Rosso

I’ve been lucky to have great girlfriends in my life, many of whom have been in relationships now for a decade or more, or several relationships acrossseveral decades. They’re married, single, divorced, single mothers, married with children, married never wanting children, living with their partners, doing long distance relationships, or just doing their thing.

Each relationship is incredibly different, just like each woman is incredibly different. Talking to them through the years, however, and through my own experience, it’s become clearer to me that there are some things all women in any relationship could be doing to nourish their independence in parallel while still being committed to the relationship.

You can love wholeheartedly and also be responsible about your future. Loving and trusting someone is not mutually exclusive with investing inyourself and and enriching your independence.

And most importantly, a relationship doesn’t have to have even a hint of discord…

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Freedom of Speech at

The folks at the Electronic Frontier Foundation (EFF) publish reports evaluating the privacy practices of various internet companies. received a perfect 5 on 5 score in their annual Who Has Your Back report as well as a perfect 5 on 5 score on the Intellectual Property Who Has Your Back report. We also note that some services have gone above and beyond the evaluation… Continue reading Freedom of Speech at