London Free Wifi – Four’s Free Hotspot

funnily enough London is not the best place in the world for free public wifi. However, I just found out that in Leicester Square there is a free wifi hotspot provided by Four Communications. Very fast, great signal and free. Just connect to network "Four's Free Hotspot". Thanks four :-) ... you're much better than… Continue reading London Free Wifi – Four’s Free Hotspot

Well well well, isn’t Microsoft getting clever!

Microsoft has long been the butt of many tech-jokes, especially from Apple/Linux fans. It's not surprising. After all, it's tough being the "king of the jungle", especially when your operating systems keep crashing, you're not the "cool" underdog, and user-friendliness is a concept you discovered late in 2005. However, times are a-changing. Over the past… Continue reading Well well well, isn’t Microsoft getting clever!

AllTop has all the Top Stories

Check out Proably the niftiest feed aggregator around at the moment. It's somehow powered by PopUrls but I wonder whether this is simply related to the display technology or whether the choice of what to include in the different AllTop pages is based on some PopUrls stat system (does it measure traffic?). Either way, it's definitely better than… Continue reading AllTop has all the Top Stories is Great Fun!

Just spent a few minutes playing at which I found out about via a TechCrunch article. The service is free (for now?) and basically lets you "make over" yourself or your friends. It's extremely simple to use: you just upload a picture, point out to the software where the eyes and mouth are and… Continue reading is Great Fun!