Innovating meanings at Business of Software

So I've been reading a book called Design-Driven Innovation by Roberto Verganti. It's a good book although, as is wont by [Insert University Name Here] Press hard-covers, longer and preachier than absolutely necessary. It tackles the topic of innovation through design that in a world of "Agile" and "Lean" we hear little about. I'd summarize it… Continue reading Innovating meanings at Business of Software

Where I disagree with Alan Cooper (or why bits are no different to atoms)

Cross-posted from the Red Gate UX Blog. Alan Cooper was, and still is, one of my heroes. Reading his book The Inmates are Running the Asylum almost ten years ago was a call to arms; a rallying cry saying that design was much more than placing things nicely on a screen. There was a higher purpose. User… Continue reading Where I disagree with Alan Cooper (or why bits are no different to atoms)

Giant Steps Forward

I just came across this music video by Maltese rap band No Bling Show titled "Lucija u Samwel". I was impressed at the quality (artistic merit aside which I also think is cool) of the production, creativity and technique. It may seem 'normal' for other bands and countries but for Malta, it's a giant step… Continue reading Giant Steps Forward

Slow versus Fast: Knowing Where the Spaces Are

A couple of weeks ago, as I sat in the Charles de Gaulle airport lounge on my way back from a Smarter Start workshop in Paris, I was idly eavesdropping on a football conversation between two Italians. I could do this because I speak and understand Italian fluently even though it's not my native language.… Continue reading Slow versus Fast: Knowing Where the Spaces Are

You Will… We Have!

Not having grown up in America, or having been old enough to there in 1993, I never heard of the AT&T "You Will" commercials up until now. But Jason Calacanis mentioned them in his email today, and after looking them up, I can only agree that he was 100% right in calling the guys who dream… Continue reading You Will… We Have!

New Facebook: Seriously “&*$%^£@” ?

I don't think it's seriously retarded - even though 3 of my friends clearly do so - but I'm not quite sure it's seriously well thought out. Besides all the obvious stuff that the Techcrunch-Mashable-Valleway triumvirate have been gabbling about, i.e. how Facebook is being more "Twitter-like", the new Facebook homepage seems like a copy.… Continue reading New Facebook: Seriously “&*$%^£@” ?

Colour Palette Simplicity

Just came across It's a pretty cool and simple tool to help you get started with developing a colour palette for your design work. I'm not sure what algorithm or logic it's based on but whatever it is it seems to work. You typically get a nice mix of low- and high-contrast colours and… Continue reading Colour Palette Simplicity

General Specialists

Seth Godin today writes about choosing the right person for the job. His (valid) point is that while to someone wielding a hammer, everything looks like a nail, if you need a nail hammered in, make sure you find somebody who believes that hammers are the best thing since sliced bread to do it. He… Continue reading General Specialists

Well well well, isn’t Microsoft getting clever!

Microsoft has long been the butt of many tech-jokes, especially from Apple/Linux fans. It's not surprising. After all, it's tough being the "king of the jungle", especially when your operating systems keep crashing, you're not the "cool" underdog, and user-friendliness is a concept you discovered late in 2005. However, times are a-changing. Over the past… Continue reading Well well well, isn’t Microsoft getting clever!

Israel Innovation Tour

I've been irregularly following the reports from the alpha geeks' Innovation Tour of Israel. Israel as a hub for innovation is often underestimated or overlooked by Europeans yet the troubled country has one of the largest and most active venture capital communities this side of the Atlantic. There's also a great deal of innovation and… Continue reading Israel Innovation Tour