How do I get myself a design career?

About once a month I get a random email from an aspiring designer asking me a variation of the question: "I don't have a background in design but I'd really like to get into UX design. What can I do?" Most often these questions come from people with a background in data science, journalism/writing, psychology… Continue reading How do I get myself a design career?

21 (More) Things to A/B Test

Optimizely published a list of 71 Things to A/B Test on their blog. It's a pretty cool list. Here's my additional 21 things you could consider testing if you're hunting for inspiration:Wizards. For setup processes, checkouts or other long-ish flows, test a wizard-style UX vs one long 'settings' page.Surveys. If you're running customer surveys A/B test different… Continue reading 21 (More) Things to A/B Test

UX Cambridge 2011 workshop

The UX team at Red Gate will be attending UX Cambridge 2011 next month. We're very excited to have a fully-fledged UX conference in our own backyard finally. So much so that two of us are running sessions at the event. My workshop, together with Chris and Helen, will be tackling how UX and Agile… Continue reading UX Cambridge 2011 workshop

FAQ: How to get a graduate position in UX and design

Today on the Red Gate UX blog I wrote about the top 5 things you need to do to improve your chances of getting a graduate position in design and UX. Just last week a prospective candidate came into the office for a coffee and a chat about what the role really is. The thrust… Continue reading FAQ: How to get a graduate position in UX and design

Design Reboot: 10 things to help you kick-start UX in your organisation

Ten things I did in the first two months in our SQL Tools division over on the Red Gate UX Blog. At my first meeting with James, our division head, I asked him what my priorities should be. His response: “You need to get UX working again.” In lots of ways this was quite an exciting… Continue reading Design Reboot: 10 things to help you kick-start UX in your organisation

A CV Template that doesn’t suck. Please use it.

It's been roughly 3 years since I was last interviewing people for jobs and as usual, when enough time passes you tend to only remember the good stuff. In this case, it is the pleasure of sitting down with somebody and getting to know them. What I'd forgotten was the drudgery of slogging through a… Continue reading A CV Template that doesn’t suck. Please use it.

The most badly designed page in the world?

This is Facebook's "transition" page for the new privacy settings they're currently rolling out. I can't for the life of me make heads or tail of it. I nominate it as the most badly designed web page in the history of usability, user experience and information architecture. What are my "Old Settings"? (There's no way… Continue reading The most badly designed page in the world?

HCI 2009: Top 5 Tips for UCD Qualitative Field Researchers

Given the choice, how many people would swap a gloriously sunny Cambridge Saturday for a 7-hour long tutorial about, wait for it, qualitative field research methods and analysis? Yet thirty odd people did just that last Saturday and elected to be closeted in one of Churchill College's nicer rooms to listen to what User Centred Design… Continue reading HCI 2009: Top 5 Tips for UCD Qualitative Field Researchers