Interview on

Dhane Crowley of kindly asked me to answer a few questions on why WordPress can be a useful tool to companies having – or wanting – a web presence. Q5: What would you say is the single most important aspect of creating a Website – aesthetics, function, or something else? Usability. If a website… Continue reading Interview on

Cool New Feature in Google Reader

Very cool new feature showed up in my Google Reader today. If you're like me, you probably can't help adding more and more RSS feeds to your readers but in reality I hardly read 5% of them. If I spend a day away from Reader the unread count easily adds up to 1000+. So this… Continue reading Cool New Feature in Google Reader

Not Quite Obama

Although advertising may be in decline online adverts can still be, and are, pretty effective at generating traffic. When done well. And by done well you don't have to have Obama's team... just somebody who's in touch with online reality. This advert showed up on my Facebook account and I couldn't help grimacing. From where… Continue reading Not Quite Obama

More about the Safari 4 Beta

Two weeks ago I wrote down my first impressions upon downloading the Safari 4 Beta. Over the past 15 days I've used Safari in parallel for almost everything I normally do with Firefox. So here's a more detailed review of where the beta currently stands. The Good The very fact that I did manage to… Continue reading More about the Safari 4 Beta

New Facebook: Seriously “&*$%^£@” ?

I don't think it's seriously retarded - even though 3 of my friends clearly do so - but I'm not quite sure it's seriously well thought out. Besides all the obvious stuff that the Techcrunch-Mashable-Valleway triumvirate have been gabbling about, i.e. how Facebook is being more "Twitter-like", the new Facebook homepage seems like a copy.… Continue reading New Facebook: Seriously “&*$%^£@” ?

Safari 4 Beta – Review

Just downloaded and tried out the new Safari 4 beta which Apple launched a some time ago. I've only used it for a few hours so this is hardly an in-depth review, but here's a quick run of first impressions: The Good... The look is, as expected, slick, cool and feels good to use in… Continue reading Safari 4 Beta – Review

More terrible service – Wake up 3!

Not only is the the mobile broadband service from 3 generally disappointing (as I wrote last week). It is now reaching new heights, or rather lows, of service. For the past week, this image has been the standard 'welcome' on the so-called "My 3" website. Customer care doesn't care of course. Update: Yes I've tried… Continue reading More terrible service – Wake up 3!

Disappointing Mobile Broadband Service from “3” UK

On a purely statistically unsubstiated guesstimate, I would say that as a "3" customer I see the image on the right about half the time. For the past 10 months or so we've been subscribed to 3's mobile broadband service in the UK. And so far, the service pretty much sucks. I do not know… Continue reading Disappointing Mobile Broadband Service from “3” UK

Resistance to change (Gmail themes)…

Google added a themes feature today to their Gmail (Beta - whats that about huh?) service. Well. I don't like it just because it confused the hell out of me when I signed in to my account. Now, it's not that I'm resistent to change by any measure... and definitely not design changes as most… Continue reading Resistance to change (Gmail themes)…