Exit Stage… Right?

Which way is the fire exit? Consistency is one of the basic guiding principles of information design. This fire exit sign, which I saw in shopping mall, defies it utterly. The arrow points left but the flames and the running stickman indicate the exit is to the right. The situation is further confused by the… Continue reading Exit Stage… Right?

Leopard Review: Preferences and Dashcode

  Last week I wrote about my 1 month experience using Apple's Leopard and the couple of flaws that surfaced. Since that time I've had time to play around a bit more and some more eye candy melted :-)...   System Preferences Search is Broken The new system preferences pane (control panel to Windows users)… Continue reading Leopard Review: Preferences and Dashcode

Leopard Review: When the eye-candy melted…

I've put off upgrading to Max OS X Leopard in the past but since buying a new MacBook around a month ago I've been prowling around the new Apple OS. The redesigned Finder windows as well as the Fan/Grid views of Docked folders are definitely a great improvement and make organising and finding stuff on… Continue reading Leopard Review: When the eye-candy melted…

Facebook Chat

Facebook announced instant messaging earlier this month as predictably predicted by TechCrunch. I've only just had the service activated on my Facebook account hence the delayed "ahh" moment.  Although the IM concept is by no means new (heq hem) I love the way Facebook has implemented their web-based rendition of the service. Elegantly simple and a… Continue reading Facebook Chat

Taaz.com is Great Fun!

Just spent a few minutes playing at taaz.com which I found out about via a TechCrunch article. The service is free (for now?) and basically lets you "make over" yourself or your friends. It's extremely simple to use: you just upload a picture, point out to the software where the eyes and mouth are and… Continue reading Taaz.com is Great Fun!