Porn, Music and the Art of Entrepreneurship

Last weekend I watched Porn: The Musical in Valletta with a few friends. It was a wonderful humorous performance and I can't wait for it to be staged again to be able to drag more people along. Being an entrepreneurship nerd, a few business-related thoughts crossed my mind while watching the performance which I will now force-feed… Continue reading Porn, Music and the Art of Entrepreneurship

Advertising, Optimisation and Adaptation: Why advertising is declining

As today's guest post on TechCrunch discusses, Internet advertising revenues have dropped sharply and the author goes on to say that it [was not] caused solely by the general recession and the decline in retail sales.  Internet advertising will rapidly lose its value and its impact, for reasons that can easily be understood. The article… Continue reading Advertising, Optimisation and Adaptation: Why advertising is declining

You Will… We Have!

Not having grown up in America, or having been old enough to there in 1993, I never heard of the AT&T "You Will" commercials up until now. But Jason Calacanis mentioned them in his email today, and after looking them up, I can only agree that he was 100% right in calling the guys who dream… Continue reading You Will… We Have!

VRM Hub Open Space

I managed to miss attending the VRM monthly event in February due to embarassingly getting lost in the middle of supposedly-familiar London territory. However, a follow-up event to Unlocking the See-Saw is being organised on the 30th of March in London dubbed VRM Open Space. It should be good fun, interesting and very engaging if… Continue reading VRM Hub Open Space

Mobile Broadband from 3

So, apart from all this and this, 3's mobile broadband service has just taken a new low turn. Since Saturday afternoon, that is almost 6 days, the mobile broadband service from 3 just hasn't worked at all. I don't mean a slow or flaky connection. I mean just no connection at all. Conversations with friends… Continue reading Mobile Broadband from 3

Disappointing Mobile Broadband Service from “3” UK

On a purely statistically unsubstiated guesstimate, I would say that as a "3" customer I see the image on the right about half the time. For the past 10 months or so we've been subscribed to 3's mobile broadband service in the UK. And so far, the service pretty much sucks. I do not know… Continue reading Disappointing Mobile Broadband Service from “3” UK

Breaking News: “Some people are turning to the Internet for news”

Oh, well thank God for the BBC to let us know that some people are now using the Internet instead of buying newspapers to find out what's happening in the world. American newspapers have been hit by a decline in traditional advertising as the economy has slowed and some people have turned to the internet… Continue reading Breaking News: “Some people are turning to the Internet for news”

Are the guys at LIFT kidding me?

I loved LIFT last February and looking around the available info for the 2009 event I came across a recent "partnership" press release announcing Swiss International Airlines as the: Official Carrier for the 4th European Lift Conference in Geneva and is offering special Congress Fares to all participants. These Congress Fares offer reductions of up… Continue reading Are the guys at LIFT kidding me?