LeWeb Countdown

Countdown to our LeWeb presentation begins properly today. It's now exactly 15 days until we present TakeCharge to the LeWeb audience on the 9th of December in Paris. We're on at 15:00 on the start-up stage so be sure to check us out. Meantime, we're working overtime to make sure we deliver the best presentation… Continue reading LeWeb Countdown

New Website for ChargeVentures / TakeCharge

It's an overnight's work so it's not as slick and polished as it might be, but we finally have some content and passable design for our ChargeVentures website in preparation for our LeWeb presentation next month. http://www.chargeventures.com If you have comments, do let us know, and if you're interested subscribe for news and updates from… Continue reading New Website for ChargeVentures / TakeCharge

If TechCrunch Says so…

Woke up this morning and wasn't sure whether being selected for LeWeb, Europe's largest tech conference, was something I dreamt about. But if TechCrunch says so, it must be true! As I write, we're planning out the next 28 days to make sure we deliver a brilliant presentation in our 7 minutes and we'll appreciate… Continue reading If TechCrunch Says so…

Chosen for LeWeb 2008!

We're company #6 on this list! That's right! We've been chosen as a finalist for the upcoming LeWeb start-up competition. Personally, I'm still in shock. I have no idea how many companies applied but if it's anything like Seedcamp it was probably quite a few so we're deeply honored to have made it even this… Continue reading Chosen for LeWeb 2008!

When you don’t have permission…

Very early in the cold Aberdeen morning, some industrious gal or chap was busy scouring the Rosemount area and posting clumps of flyers promoting a new "Organic Deli" into people's postboxes. The picture shows what I found. Is this helping their chances of me taking the time to figure out where they are (no map)… Continue reading When you don’t have permission…

Ethical Business & VRM

Following Monday's London event I've been refining my thoughts about the whole VRM concept. It interests me because it is very closely related to a subject I have a strong interest in: Ethical Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is one of those topics that polarizes people: some evangelize and others vilify it. Whichever side of the fence you're… Continue reading Ethical Business & VRM

Unlocking the See-Saw – Post event thoughts

I just got back from a VRM event in London: Unlocking the See-Saw. It was a serious pleasure to meet so many people dedicated to building a more ethical consumer-enterprise relationship. The panels and the conversations (and the wine!) were highly stimulating. For the uninitiated, VRM stands for "Vendor Relationship Management" which, in a nutshell,… Continue reading Unlocking the See-Saw – Post event thoughts

Coming up: The Global Travel Bubble [Part 1]

In trying to figure out how to bail-out the financial institutions and avoid a global economic meltdown, finger-pointing and blame-laying has been a standard dish these last few weeks. However, blame is seldom one-sided. Governments may have allowed it to happen and banks may have been greedy and irresponsible, but consumers have been foolish too.… Continue reading Coming up: The Global Travel Bubble [Part 1]

General Specialists

Seth Godin today writes about choosing the right person for the job. His (valid) point is that while to someone wielding a hammer, everything looks like a nail, if you need a nail hammered in, make sure you find somebody who believes that hammers are the best thing since sliced bread to do it. He… Continue reading General Specialists