Coming up: The Global Travel Bubble [Part 1]

In trying to figure out how to bail-out the financial institutions and avoid a global economic meltdown, finger-pointing and blame-laying has been a standard dish these last few weeks. However, blame is seldom one-sided. Governments may have allowed it to happen and banks may have been greedy and irresponsible, but consumers have been foolish too.… Continue reading Coming up: The Global Travel Bubble [Part 1]

‘Commemorating’ Global Warming

The Windsor Hotel Toya in Japan, host of the G8 summit, has reportedly spent $1.4 million on a monument commemorating global warming. The hotel says it "should act as a message for future generations to take care of the Earth." It would, in my humble opinion, have been much more useful to do something with… Continue reading ‘Commemorating’ Global Warming