President Obama on Jay Leno

I'm sure half the world has blogged, tweeted, re-tweeted, bookmarked and shared this, but hey, the guy is just great. He's articulate, lucid, knowledgeable, confident and, yes, funny. If you watch the full 20-minute interview you'll see what I mean... just wait for the question about the dog! Here's the link: The Tonight Show with… Continue reading President Obama on Jay Leno

Facebook Grader? Warning, only for sad people (apparently)

I'm not a "sad, sad person" (damn you Michael Arrington; you go do something first and then ruin it for everybody else by claiming it's sad after you've had fun doing it. but i digress). Hubspot just released a "Facebook Grader" tool, see my result above. Clearly, this grading tool is f****d ... I scored… Continue reading Facebook Grader? Warning, only for sad people (apparently)

An Oppressed Minority – A Call to “Arms”

Dear Friends, I write this in the name of democracy, equality and human rights. I write in the name of freedom of expression. I write against oppression and injustice. This is a call to arms! To all left-handed arms. Yes, I am talking about left-handed people. For too long we have been shunned, ignored, maligned… Continue reading An Oppressed Minority – A Call to “Arms”