Why I think you should vote YES on Saturday.

Mark-Anthony Falzon hasn't sent this to me personally but he seems to be happy for this to be disseminated as widely as possible. So I'm reproducing it as is on my blog. I've met Mark socially a couple of times via the Anthropology network in Malta (Caroline's an anthropologist; you can make the link) and I've… Continue reading Why I think you should vote YES on Saturday.

Pathetic Attitude from the Times of Malta

Finally, at long last, the EU is heading towards a trade ban on tuna fishing in the Mediterranean. The timesofmalta.com positions this as a "Blow for Malta". What sort of editorial commentary is this? [Update: It seems timesofmalta.com changed the title of their article to "Blow for Malta bluefin tuna trade". Still not great but… Continue reading Pathetic Attitude from the Times of Malta

On Compassion and the Lockerbie Bomber

Growing up in Malta in the eighties the Lockerbie bombing was something it was impossible not to hear about on a regular basis. This is because of an alleged "Malta link". But as is typical with misty childhood recollections, I never really found out where Lockerbie actually was (I used to think it was an… Continue reading On Compassion and the Lockerbie Bomber