Not Quite Obama

Although advertising may be in decline online adverts can still be, and are, pretty effective at generating traffic. When done well. And by done well you don't have to have Obama's team... just somebody who's in touch with online reality. This advert showed up on my Facebook account and I couldn't help grimacing. From where… Continue reading Not Quite Obama

Using WordPress to Build Small Websites: Step by Step Tutorial

Update: This article has proven more popular than anticipated. If you find it useful, I would appreciate your leaving a comment as to how it could be made better. Also, any suggestions for other similar tutorials would be very welcome. Recently I found myself - for one reason or another - having to build a… Continue reading Using WordPress to Build Small Websites: Step by Step Tutorial

Safari 4 Beta – Review

Just downloaded and tried out the new Safari 4 beta which Apple launched a some time ago. I've only used it for a few hours so this is hardly an in-depth review, but here's a quick run of first impressions: The Good... The look is, as expected, slick, cool and feels good to use in… Continue reading Safari 4 Beta – Review

Colour Palette Simplicity

Just came across It's a pretty cool and simple tool to help you get started with developing a colour palette for your design work. I'm not sure what algorithm or logic it's based on but whatever it is it seems to work. You typically get a nice mix of low- and high-contrast colours and… Continue reading Colour Palette Simplicity

New Search Engine on the Loose

California-based Cuil (pronounced "Cool") launched a new search engine today that claims to have a larger index than Google (120 billion pages) and is aiming to rival the search giant in the search business. This claim seems to have more credibility than other recent search engine start-ups (WikiaSearch, Mahalo) given that the company founders are search experts… Continue reading New Search Engine on the Loose

LeWeb 3 ’08 – some details up!

Just read the post about the 2008 LeWeb 3 conference in Paris announcing the dates for this year: 9-10 December. It's early days of course but if anyone attended LeWeb 2007 you'll know that it's well worth keeping the dates in mind. If this year's event is even half as good as last year's it… Continue reading LeWeb 3 ’08 – some details up!

MSFT Silverlight in 140 Characters

GapingVoid asks on Twitter "Can anyone tell me, in 140 characters or less, what is "THE BIG IDEA" behind MSFT Silverlight?"Pretty good question I thought. What's the big idea behind a company like Microsoft, who's not really well known in the creative/desktop-publishing space, stepping into the highly competitive market of computer animation. A market where… Continue reading MSFT Silverlight in 140 Characters