More about the Safari 4 Beta

Two weeks ago I wrote down my first impressions upon downloading the Safari 4 Beta. Over the past 15 days I've used Safari in parallel for almost everything I normally do with Firefox. So here's a more detailed review of where the beta currently stands. The Good The very fact that I did manage to… Continue reading More about the Safari 4 Beta

Safari 4 Beta – Review

Just downloaded and tried out the new Safari 4 beta which Apple launched a some time ago. I've only used it for a few hours so this is hardly an in-depth review, but here's a quick run of first impressions: The Good... The look is, as expected, slick, cool and feels good to use in… Continue reading Safari 4 Beta – Review

Well well well, isn’t Microsoft getting clever!

Microsoft has long been the butt of many tech-jokes, especially from Apple/Linux fans. It's not surprising. After all, it's tough being the "king of the jungle", especially when your operating systems keep crashing, you're not the "cool" underdog, and user-friendliness is a concept you discovered late in 2005. However, times are a-changing. Over the past… Continue reading Well well well, isn’t Microsoft getting clever!

Leopard Review: Preferences and Dashcode

  Last week I wrote about my 1 month experience using Apple's Leopard and the couple of flaws that surfaced. Since that time I've had time to play around a bit more and some more eye candy melted :-)...   System Preferences Search is Broken The new system preferences pane (control panel to Windows users)… Continue reading Leopard Review: Preferences and Dashcode

Leopard Review: When the eye-candy melted…

I've put off upgrading to Max OS X Leopard in the past but since buying a new MacBook around a month ago I've been prowling around the new Apple OS. The redesigned Finder windows as well as the Fan/Grid views of Docked folders are definitely a great improvement and make organising and finding stuff on… Continue reading Leopard Review: When the eye-candy melted…