The Effort of Staying the Same

Everyone knows that change is inevitable. We resisted factories, cars, planes, radio, telephone, TV, then cable TV, then satellite TV and now internet TV. We resist cultural change, immigration, emigration, new political parties, desegregation, feminism, homosexuality, atheism and new religions. We resisted PCs, then Macs, the mouse, Ethernet, the Internet, email, cellphones, 3G, music downloads,… Continue reading The Effort of Staying the Same

‘Commemorating’ Global Warming

The Windsor Hotel Toya in Japan, host of the G8 summit, has reportedly spent $1.4 million on a monument commemorating global warming. The hotel says it "should act as a message for future generations to take care of the Earth." It would, in my humble opinion, have been much more useful to do something with… Continue reading ‘Commemorating’ Global Warming