How do I get myself a design career?

About once a month I get a random email from an aspiring designer asking me a variation of the question: "I don't have a background in design but I'd really like to get into UX design. What can I do?" Most often these questions come from people with a background in data science, journalism/writing, psychology… Continue reading How do I get myself a design career?

FAQ: How to get a graduate position in UX and design

Today on the Red Gate UX blog I wrote about the top 5 things you need to do to improve your chances of getting a graduate position in design and UX. Just last week a prospective candidate came into the office for a coffee and a chat about what the role really is. The thrust… Continue reading FAQ: How to get a graduate position in UX and design

Where I disagree with Alan Cooper (or why bits are no different to atoms)

Cross-posted from the Red Gate UX Blog. Alan Cooper was, and still is, one of my heroes. Reading his book The Inmates are Running the Asylum almost ten years ago was a call to arms; a rallying cry saying that design was much more than placing things nicely on a screen. There was a higher purpose. User… Continue reading Where I disagree with Alan Cooper (or why bits are no different to atoms)

Colour Palette Simplicity

Just came across It's a pretty cool and simple tool to help you get started with developing a colour palette for your design work. I'm not sure what algorithm or logic it's based on but whatever it is it seems to work. You typically get a nice mix of low- and high-contrast colours and… Continue reading Colour Palette Simplicity

Exit Stage… Right?

Which way is the fire exit? Consistency is one of the basic guiding principles of information design. This fire exit sign, which I saw in shopping mall, defies it utterly. The arrow points left but the flames and the running stickman indicate the exit is to the right. The situation is further confused by the… Continue reading Exit Stage… Right?