Porn, Music and the Art of Entrepreneurship

Last weekend I watched Porn: The Musical in Valletta with a few friends. It was a wonderful humorous performance and I can't wait for it to be staged again to be able to drag more people along. Being an entrepreneurship nerd, a few business-related thoughts crossed my mind while watching the performance which I will now force-feed… Continue reading Porn, Music and the Art of Entrepreneurship

Ethical Business & VRM

Following Monday's London event I've been refining my thoughts about the whole VRM concept. It interests me because it is very closely related to a subject I have a strong interest in: Ethical Entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is one of those topics that polarizes people: some evangelize and others vilify it. Whichever side of the fence you're… Continue reading Ethical Business & VRM

Bubble 2.0?

If you've ever read Carlota Perez's work, and/or are endowed with an average amount of common sense, you will know that like many other things, economic life cycles follow certain patterns. So do technological innovations. Some people call them 'revolutions'. Like the Industrial Revolution or the Internet Revolution. Very often, the climate (economy, markets, investors,… Continue reading Bubble 2.0?

Entrepreneurial Democratization – The Power of “Choice”

Techrunch today published excerpts from Ray Ozzie's strategy memo to employees. Although most of it was somewhat of a "duh-welcome-to-the-club" moment one bit struck a chord. The Power of “Choice” as business moves to embrace the cloud ... design patterns at both the front- and back-end are transitioning toward being compositions and in some cases loose… Continue reading Entrepreneurial Democratization – The Power of “Choice”

Tech Questions & Answers

Thanks to Jim at EzPzApps for inviting me to answer a couple of questions about technology and creativity. You can get the full article here.I met Jim at an entrepreneurship event some years ago in Malta and I've followed some of his very interesting software projects. His most recent "ClipaSearch Pro" is definitely worth checking… Continue reading Tech Questions & Answers

The importance of early-stage entrepreneurship

Early-stage entrepreneurship encompasses a spectrum of stages in the entrepreneurial life: ranging from the "idea-in-the-shower-phase" to business planning through to prototyping and launch. This period of time is crucial in the life of an entrepreneur. Not only do decisions taken at this time impact upon the eventual success potential of the start-up, but more importantly they… Continue reading The importance of early-stage entrepreneurship

What’s The Fuss?

This blog is intended to be a coming-together-place of snippets, thoughts and ideas about entrepreneurship, creativity, and simplicity. The main driving topic will be early-stage entrepreneurship, or in more conventional words, "start-ups". The terminology is important however because I take 'early-stage entrepreneurship' to mean something slightly different from 'start-up'. Or rather, slightly more focused. Typically,… Continue reading What’s The Fuss?