The most badly designed page in the world?

This is Facebook's "transition" page for the new privacy settings they're currently rolling out. I can't for the life of me make heads or tail of it. I nominate it as the most badly designed web page in the history of usability, user experience and information architecture. What are my "Old Settings"? (There's no way… Continue reading The most badly designed page in the world?

Top 10 Tips for a Great Social Media Presence

In March I wrote about how my blog has been picking up traffic-wise and how I tried to figure out ways of streamlining the process of dealing with the various social media tools that are around. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find that traffic has indeed kept growing as well as subscribers and so,… Continue reading Top 10 Tips for a Great Social Media Presence

New Facebook: Seriously “&*$%^£@” ?

I don't think it's seriously retarded - even though 3 of my friends clearly do so - but I'm not quite sure it's seriously well thought out. Besides all the obvious stuff that the Techcrunch-Mashable-Valleway triumvirate have been gabbling about, i.e. how Facebook is being more "Twitter-like", the new Facebook homepage seems like a copy.… Continue reading New Facebook: Seriously “&*$%^£@” ?

Facebook Grader? Warning, only for sad people (apparently)

I'm not a "sad, sad person" (damn you Michael Arrington; you go do something first and then ruin it for everybody else by claiming it's sad after you've had fun doing it. but i digress). Hubspot just released a "Facebook Grader" tool, see my result above. Clearly, this grading tool is f****d ... I scored… Continue reading Facebook Grader? Warning, only for sad people (apparently)

Facebook Chat

Facebook announced instant messaging earlier this month as predictably predicted by TechCrunch. I've only just had the service activated on my Facebook account hence the delayed "ahh" moment.  Although the IM concept is by no means new (heq hem) I love the way Facebook has implemented their web-based rendition of the service. Elegantly simple and a… Continue reading Facebook Chat