OpenCoffee Before LeWeb

Some guy dug this up from last year's OpenCoffee event in Paris. (Have a look at the whole set here.) The guys at OpenCoffee Paris are doing it again this year and looks like it's shaping up to be a great pre-conference event. (Register here.) I promise to use my phone less this year and… Continue reading OpenCoffee Before LeWeb

LeWeb Countdown

Countdown to our LeWeb presentation begins properly today. It's now exactly 15 days until we present TakeCharge to the LeWeb audience on the 9th of December in Paris. We're on at 15:00 on the start-up stage so be sure to check us out. Meantime, we're working overtime to make sure we deliver the best presentation… Continue reading LeWeb Countdown

New Website for ChargeVentures / TakeCharge

It's an overnight's work so it's not as slick and polished as it might be, but we finally have some content and passable design for our ChargeVentures website in preparation for our LeWeb presentation next month. If you have comments, do let us know, and if you're interested subscribe for news and updates from… Continue reading New Website for ChargeVentures / TakeCharge

If TechCrunch Says so…

Woke up this morning and wasn't sure whether being selected for LeWeb, Europe's largest tech conference, was something I dreamt about. But if TechCrunch says so, it must be true! As I write, we're planning out the next 28 days to make sure we deliver a brilliant presentation in our 7 minutes and we'll appreciate… Continue reading If TechCrunch Says so…

Chosen for LeWeb 2008!

We're company #6 on this list! That's right! We've been chosen as a finalist for the upcoming LeWeb start-up competition. Personally, I'm still in shock. I have no idea how many companies applied but if it's anything like Seedcamp it was probably quite a few so we're deeply honored to have made it even this… Continue reading Chosen for LeWeb 2008!

LeWeb 3 ’08 – some details up!

Just read the post about the 2008 LeWeb 3 conference in Paris announcing the dates for this year: 9-10 December. It's early days of course but if anyone attended LeWeb 2007 you'll know that it's well worth keeping the dates in mind. If this year's event is even half as good as last year's it… Continue reading LeWeb 3 ’08 – some details up!