Father Peter, il-Buffu

Nahseb kelli madwar disgha jew tmien snin meta l-ewwel niftakar nisma u nara lil Fr. Peter jitkellem. Zgur kien dak iz-zmien ghax konna ghadna nghixu ir-Rabat (igifieri qabel is-snin disghin) izda l-gazzetti kienu diga bil-kulur (allura wara l-1987). Kien xi programm ta' diskussjoni fuq Television Malta; na niftakarx l-isem ezattament ghalkemm ghandi amment li kien… Continue reading Father Peter, il-Buffu

Talking business at ICON

This afternoon I spent a pleasant 2 hours or so chatting to the folks at ICON in San Gwann, Malta. ICON's co-director Gege Gatt and I have known each other for quite a while now* and earlier this year he asked me to pop round their offices the next time I'm in Malta. As he explained… Continue reading Talking business at ICON

Why I think you should vote YES on Saturday.

Mark-Anthony Falzon hasn't sent this to me personally but he seems to be happy for this to be disseminated as widely as possible. So I'm reproducing it as is on my blog. I've met Mark socially a couple of times via the Anthropology network in Malta (Caroline's an anthropologist; you can make the link) and I've… Continue reading Why I think you should vote YES on Saturday.

Giant Steps Forward

I just came across this music video by Maltese rap band No Bling Show titled "Lucija u Samwel". I was impressed at the quality (artistic merit aside which I also think is cool) of the production, creativity and technique. It may seem 'normal' for other bands and countries but for Malta, it's a giant step… Continue reading Giant Steps Forward

Pathetic Attitude from the Times of Malta

Finally, at long last, the EU is heading towards a trade ban on tuna fishing in the Mediterranean. The timesofmalta.com positions this as a "Blow for Malta". What sort of editorial commentary is this? [Update: It seems timesofmalta.com changed the title of their article to "Blow for Malta bluefin tuna trade". Still not great but… Continue reading Pathetic Attitude from the Times of Malta

Porn, Music and the Art of Entrepreneurship

Last weekend I watched Porn: The Musical in Valletta with a few friends. It was a wonderful humorous performance and I can't wait for it to be staged again to be able to drag more people along. Being an entrepreneurship nerd, a few business-related thoughts crossed my mind while watching the performance which I will now force-feed… Continue reading Porn, Music and the Art of Entrepreneurship

Not Quite Obama

Although advertising may be in decline online adverts can still be, and are, pretty effective at generating traffic. When done well. And by done well you don't have to have Obama's team... just somebody who's in touch with online reality. This advert showed up on my Facebook account and I couldn't help grimacing. From where… Continue reading Not Quite Obama