More terrible service – Wake up 3!

Not only is the the mobile broadband service from 3 generally disappointing (as I wrote last week). It is now reaching new heights, or rather lows, of service. For the past week, this image has been the standard 'welcome' on the so-called "My 3" website. Customer care doesn't care of course. Update: Yes I've tried… Continue reading More terrible service – Wake up 3!

Disappointing Mobile Broadband Service from “3” UK

On a purely statistically unsubstiated guesstimate, I would say that as a "3" customer I see the image on the right about half the time. For the past 10 months or so we've been subscribed to 3's mobile broadband service in the UK. And so far, the service pretty much sucks. I do not know… Continue reading Disappointing Mobile Broadband Service from “3” UK