Twitter stops UK outoing SMS – Says it costs too much!

In an earlier post I mentioned Twitter as an example of a "Bubble 2.0" company because it has a seemingly flawed (or no) business model. My (rhetorical) question was "How do you make money by sending free text messages to people?" Well today Twitter announced it is stopping the UK outgoing SMS service beacuse it… Continue reading Twitter stops UK outoing SMS – Says it costs too much!

Bubble 2.0?

If you've ever read Carlota Perez's work, and/or are endowed with an average amount of common sense, you will know that like many other things, economic life cycles follow certain patterns. So do technological innovations. Some people call them 'revolutions'. Like the Industrial Revolution or the Internet Revolution. Very often, the climate (economy, markets, investors,… Continue reading Bubble 2.0?