Giant Steps Forward

I just came across this music video by Maltese rap band No Bling Show titled "Lucija u Samwel". I was impressed at the quality (artistic merit aside which I also think is cool) of the production, creativity and technique. It may seem 'normal' for other bands and countries but for Malta, it's a giant step… Continue reading Giant Steps Forward

The Effort of Staying the Same

Everyone knows that change is inevitable. We resisted factories, cars, planes, radio, telephone, TV, then cable TV, then satellite TV and now internet TV. We resist cultural change, immigration, emigration, new political parties, desegregation, feminism, homosexuality, atheism and new religions. We resisted PCs, then Macs, the mouse, Ethernet, the Internet, email, cellphones, 3G, music downloads,… Continue reading The Effort of Staying the Same

Porn, Music and the Art of Entrepreneurship

Last weekend I watched Porn: The Musical in Valletta with a few friends. It was a wonderful humorous performance and I can't wait for it to be staged again to be able to drag more people along. Being an entrepreneurship nerd, a few business-related thoughts crossed my mind while watching the performance which I will now force-feed… Continue reading Porn, Music and the Art of Entrepreneurship