Father Peter, il-Buffu

Nahseb kelli madwar disgha jew tmien snin meta l-ewwel niftakar nisma u nara lil Fr. Peter jitkellem. Zgur kien dak iz-zmien ghax konna ghadna nghixu ir-Rabat (igifieri qabel is-snin disghin) izda l-gazzetti kienu diga bil-kulur (allura wara l-1987). Kien xi programm ta' diskussjoni fuq Television Malta; na niftakarx l-isem ezattament ghalkemm ghandi amment li kien… Continue reading Father Peter, il-Buffu

Entrepreneurial Democratization – The Power of “Choice”

Techrunch today published excerpts from Ray Ozzie's strategy memo to employees. Although most of it was somewhat of a "duh-welcome-to-the-club" moment one bit struck a chord. The Power of “Choice” as business moves to embrace the cloud ... design patterns at both the front- and back-end are transitioning toward being compositions and in some cases loose… Continue reading Entrepreneurial Democratization – The Power of “Choice”

Negative Productivity

Even worse than procrastination is a bout of negative productivity. Procrastination can be irritating but at least its somewhat in your hands. Negative productivity comes about from events that happen outside of your control but that conspire to drive you nuts. Typically just when you've decided to stop procrastinating and get some work done... This… Continue reading Negative Productivity

Procrastination: Perfectionism in disguise?

A philosopher friend recently directed me to the work of one John Perry, a philosopher who writes about structured procrastination. A procrastinating philosopher you might say. Of course, I procrastinated for about 2 days before getting around to looking properly at his stuff. He says: All procrastinators put off things they have to do. Structured procrastination… Continue reading Procrastination: Perfectionism in disguise?