Mobile Broadband from 3

So, apart from all this and this, 3's mobile broadband service has just taken a new low turn. Since Saturday afternoon, that is almost 6 days, the mobile broadband service from 3 just hasn't worked at all. I don't mean a slow or flaky connection. I mean just no connection at all. Conversations with friends… Continue reading Mobile Broadband from 3

Disappointing Mobile Broadband Service from “3” UK

On a purely statistically unsubstiated guesstimate, I would say that as a "3" customer I see the image on the right about half the time. For the past 10 months or so we've been subscribed to 3's mobile broadband service in the UK. And so far, the service pretty much sucks. I do not know… Continue reading Disappointing Mobile Broadband Service from “3” UK