Repeat after me: “It’s not a bubble”

Questions are starting to be asked seriously about whether we're in the middle of a second internet bubble. Some say No:¬†PwC, Fred Wilson, Sarah Lacy¬†and Paul Graham¬†strongly deny the existence of a bubble. On the other hand, some say Yes:¬†Mike Arrington¬†and Don Dodge think there is one. So what's really happening. Is there or isn't… Continue reading Repeat after me: “It’s not a bubble”

Top 10 Tips for a Great Social Media Presence

In March I wrote about how my blog has been picking up traffic-wise and how I tried to figure out ways of streamlining the process of dealing with the various social media tools that are around. Well, I was pleasantly surprised to find that traffic has indeed kept growing as well as subscribers and so,… Continue reading Top 10 Tips for a Great Social Media Presence

Twitter stops UK outoing SMS – Says it costs too much!

In an earlier post I mentioned Twitter as an example of a "Bubble 2.0" company because it has a seemingly flawed (or no) business model. My (rhetorical) question was "How do you make money by sending free text messages to people?" Well today Twitter announced it is stopping the UK outgoing SMS service beacuse it… Continue reading Twitter stops UK outoing SMS – Says it costs too much!