Bay Mobile Quits

From (I don’t normaly copy/paste entire articles, but the times has this ridiculous policy or “archiving” internet articles only for a few months. (More Warren Buffet/Rupert Murdoch syndrome)). Phew. Anyway… I told you so!

Bay Mobile is bowing out of the mobile telephony scene on July 4, less than a year after entering the market.

Owned by the Eden Leisure Group, Bay Mobile was launched in September last year. it had a single tariff for its calls, not differentiating between peak and off-peak hours. Eden Leisure Group CEO Simon de Cesare said Bay Mobile had now partnered with Melita Mobile to support its customers after negotiating the “best deal and value for money” for its subscribers. Melita Mobile will offer customers a free mobile phone, a free month of usage, including calls, video calls and messages to all local networks and free mobile internet access. Once the month is up, customers will continue to enjoy a flat call rate of 10c per call to all Melita Mobile and fixed line numbers up to April 2010 and will not have any time windows to top up. Mr De Cesare said none of the Bay Mobile staff will lose their job within the group of companies.

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