Joining the P9 Family Summit tomorrow

Point Nine (P9) is an early-stage venture capital firm I’ve been following for a while. Almost exactly two years to be precise.

I was in Dublin for SaaStock 2018, in, well, 2018, and I met one of their partners, Louis Coppey. It’s entirely possible (indeed likely) that he doesn’t remember me, but our brief conversation gave me a good vibe so I looked them up after the event and joined their newsletter.

A couple of weeks ago they announced this year’s “Family Summit” which is basically a big get-together for all their portfolio companies.

Now I’m not one of their portfolio companies.

But as luck had it they had a few extra spots for non-portfolio companies. So I clicked the link, submitted the project idea I’m working on, and a couple of days later they got back to me saying “Yo! Neat idea, you’re in.” (Or something to that effect anyway.)

As I alluded to here, I’ll be sharing more on what the idea is in the near future.

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