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Dhane Crowley of kindly asked me to answer a few questions on why WordPress can be a useful tool to companies having – or wanting – a web presence.

Q5: What would you say is the single most important aspect of creating a Website – aesthetics, function, or something else?

Usability. If a website looks great but I can’t find the search feature the site is useless. If the search feature works but presents the results unintelligibly the site is also useless. Usability means making it simple for a user to accomplish a task or get information and requires equal focus on form and function.

Q6: Why should a business use WordPress to power their Websites?

WordPress allows you to manage a website’s content and function independently of how it looks and without specialist knowledge of HTML, CSS, PHP etc. Writing or editing a blog post, article, event or product page is as easy as writing an email in GMail or Yahoo! Mail.

You can read my insightful answers to all 10 questions on his blog.

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